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I read somewhere that Sean Spicer resigned as Trump's press secretary because there were to many crooks in the white house. There seems to be good evidence the president himself, has been, and is still a crook. The dictionary definition of a crook: a person who is dishonest

Many of the present people who work with Donald Trump have been proven to be liars, as has Trump himself. Telling an untruth is being dishonest and that makes the teller a crook.

Spicer may have said that there were to many cooks in the White House, but since he had very little contact with the kitchen staff, I am going to assume that he meant crooks. I feel sorry for Spicer as he had to become a crook himself because his boss required it.

I also feel sorry for the "Evangelicals who support trump". when their real "constitution" says to refrain from the very appearance of evil.