Bleckley, Dodge, and Pulaski counties in Middle Georgia USA
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Transparency-Clear as a sheet of glass

I watch our public servants do their jobs, and I applaud those who work from a sense of duty and transparency. The word, transparency, as it relates to a public servant, elected or hired, indicates a sense of honesty. (One dictionary definition:  free from pretense or deceit.) We published an on-line newspaper during an election year in our state. I still remember some of the copy presented to us to use as political advertisements. I knew the real lives of many of the candidates, and I was shocked at the wool they tried to pull over the voters eyes.

We had a mayor in our town who had served several terms of office and had gone through many elections. He was a member of one of our local churches, but was not a regular attender until “election time.” I wonder if he thought that God did not know the real story. Some would say: what a scoundrel, but his deception is hardly any different from the political promotions used in our most recent presidential election. It seemed that lies were clearly accepted by some of the electorate. From my perspective; if the deceiver has made any claim as to godliness, he not only owes the citizens he serves an apology, but he owes God one too. “A deceitful person will not sit in my house; A liar will not remain in my presence.” Psalms 101:7 ISV  “Integrity is the lifeblood of democracy, deceit is a poison in its veins.” __Edward Kennedy

This whole Internet thing of social media, websites, tweets, and blogs presents opportunities for those who are deficient in integrity to pull the wool over the eyes of us all. The power to do political scamming is greater than it has ever been. May God have mercy on us all.